About physical matter

Not only I have no experience in Tai-chi, but also not really good at any sports. Will it be OK for me to join your class?
No problem at all! We teach you from the basic step, and you will progress easily.
I heard that it is good for anti-aging, is that true?
Yes, it is. Tai-chi is practiced not only in China, but all over the world as the ancient Chinese technique for long life and good health. If you practice, even men of 90 or 100 year-old look very healthy and have no problem to move. In Japan, there are 1million practitioners of Tai-chi, 70% woman, and 30% men.
Is there any age limitation?
Can I join the lesson even I am injured?
If you feel uncomfortable and uneasy, please consult your home doctor.
I have some terrifying image on Chinese martial arts….Do we do some combats during the lesson?
No, not at all. People tend to imagine the Chinese martial arts like the kungfu fighting movies. But in WIMA, we never do combats, so please don’t worry.
Can we practice even during pregnancy?
Basically yes. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasiness, please refer to your home doctor.

About the School organization

Is there any connection with a particular religion?
No, not at all. Basically, the Tai-chi philosophy is based on Taoism, yet there is no religious aspect in the actual practice.
I cannot come regularly to the lessons, is that OK?
No problem at all. You can come whenever you want.
In which language are the lessons provided in?
The lessons are taught mainly in Japanese, but English and French are available on request.
Can I use the Trial Lesson System twice?
No, we are very sorry. The Trial Lesson System is one time per person.
Is there any recess system for the membership?
If you cannot come for a while, there is no need to do any procedure.
What do I do if I want to quit the lessons?
Just send an e-mail when you are leaving. You can come back whenever you want.