WIMA's concept

Aucune grâce extérieure n'est complète si la beauté intérieure ne la vivifie. La beauté de l'âme se répand comme une lumière mystérieuse sur la beauté du corps.
(Victor Hugo)

A beautiful tree completes its beauty with its vital energy from inside, not only with the appearance. The beauty of a tree is made by the roots. A tree’s vitality exits inside its sap, which flows to smallest leaves to give it its beauty. To achieve beauty and vital energy is the subject to man and woman. The question is how can we obtain and conserve them.

The Tai-chi-chuan (Tai-chi) is the compilation of human wisdom, evolving through a history of 4,000 years. It is known as one of the royal roads to obtain the two elements that we are searching for, which will guide us to the way of long life and good health.

The Wudang Tai-chi is usually considered to be the origin of the modern Tai-chi schools. Practicing Wudang Tai-chi and qigong will help you obtain and harmonize the beauty and vitality within yourself.